Gathering Places

A workshop in Body and Imagination with Miranda Tufnell and Chris Crickmay

April 13/ 14 (10-5 pm)
Ashprington Hall, Totnes, Devon TQ9 7XA
devon collage

“Of all the dangers we face the greatest is the deadening of our capacity to respond … we are not substances that abide, we are patterns that perpetuate themselves; we are whirlpools in rivers of everflowing water. The sense of self shifts from noun to verb, from a separate enduring entity that needs its comforts and defences, to a dancer in relationship to life around us “ Joanna Macey


This movement workshop begins in the body, in our sense of breath and of bone, of weight and lightness, of gravity and momentum. We can often feel numb, scattered or overwhelmed by the pace and sheer volume of information that deluges our lives. Taking time to listen, breathe and awaken into the detail of what is within and around us, we discover a myriad flow of responses that bring back a sense of rhythm and connectedness. Through improvisation - moving, making and writing - we gather up from seemingly random pieces - the body a portal through which images, memories and stories emerge and make visible poetic landscapes that are unique and particular to each of us and which connects us more fully to ourselves, to others, and to the world about us. Prior dance experience is not essential. * Stimulating creativity * Finding more ease in the body * Widening the field through which we experience ourselves and our lives

Wear loose warm clothes, bring a note book, writing materials and lunch.
Booking: Hayley Price tel: 07832 979038 Booking: Cost £100 (deposit £40)

Miranda Tufnell ( is a dance artist, writer and teacher in movement and imagination. She is also an Alexander teacher and cranio-sacral therapist. She has been teaching and making performances for over 35 years. Her work, both as a performer and body therapist has been to explore the ways in which movement shapes our sense of meaning, language and perception. With Chris Crickmay she co-authored two handbooks on sourcing creative work entitled Body Space Image (1990) and A Widening Field (2004). She has worked extensively in the field of arts and health including part time (14 years) within the NHS for a GP surgery. Her most recent book, When I Open My Eyes - dance health imagination (2017), documents this work. She has continued to teach widely (including the one-time Dartington College of Arts) and was visiting tutor at UCLAN on their MA in Dance and Somatic Wellbeing. Based in Northumberland, she also offers one-to-one creative space retreats.

Chris Crickmay: (Visual Artist) Originally trained as an architect, but moved early in his career into art and art education. He has taught for sustained periods in various universities in the UK, including the Open University (1970-78), Dartington College of Arts (1978-90) and UWE Bristol (1990-2000). He has had a long-term interest in strategies for creative work and the role of the arts in society. His primary art practice includes small-scale collaborative performance work linking art and dance. This has led to numerous collaborations with dancers and dance makers over the years, including separate sustained collaborations with Eva Karczag and with Miranda Tufnell. Chris is now an independent installation artist, performer, writer, and teacher with particular interests in creating interactive environments for performance and in improvised movement work. He also maintains a practice in figurative drawing derived from performance. His drawings were recently exhibited at the Lanchester Gallery in Coventry UK.