Chris Crickmay

Chris Crickmay is a sculptor and installation artist with interests in creating environments for performance and in improvised movement work. Having originally trained as an architect and in design research, he soon shifted his activities to visual art. He has spent a large part of his career in art education, including 13 years as Head of Art and Design at Dartington College of Arts (1976-1991), developing the degree course in Art and Social Context. He was awarded an honorary fellowship by the College in 2001. Besides the years at Dartington, he taught at the Open University (1970-78) where he helped to create the course Art and Environment, a practical arts course for home study. He also taught at the University of the West of England (1992-2001).

With Miranda Tufnell he has also run many workshops over the years combining art, movement, and writing.
Along side his teaching career, he has continued to create his own work and to write books and articles. He is the co-author with Miranda Tufnell of two books: entitled: Body Space Image, Dance Books, (1990) and A Widening Field: Journeys in Body and Imagination, Dance Books, (2004).

In both his teaching and writing he has been curious about the role of the imagination in everyday life – and how creative work in the arts can both draw upon and influence everyday experience. The interweaving of different art forms into a single practice and the role of the body and sensory experience in stimulating the imagination have all been part of this enquiry. The purpose has been to been to open up approaches to making things in the arts that are both deeply engaging and satisfying.


He has collaborated over the years with a number of dancers, including early work with Mary Fulkerson in the 1980s. Besides his work with Miranda Tufnell he is involved in ongoing work with Eva Karczag, part of which was written up in both Contact Quarterly (Summer/Fall 2003) and in the Australian Journal, Writings on Dance (2004).

He collaborated as a designer with the Stacked Wonky Dance Company for their performance of “Dream of the House in the House” in London, Sept 2005. Other recent collaborations include: “Where Light Meets Stone” (with Miranda Tufnell and Will Menter) 2006 and “Apartment in Oktober” (with Eva Karczag) 2006. He is currently working on a new dance and installation piece with Alice Tatge.



"Where light meets stone" - performance installation