Workshops in Body and Imagination
Moving . . . Making . . . Writing
These workshops awaken the imagination and develop a deeper connection to the experience of the body. They offer resources to people seeking creative space and who are involved in arts, health, education.

Exploring themes of : Heart, Breath, Skin, Bone, Objects, Places and Story
These workshops offer an environment for shared creative experiences to source a richer awareness of the present moment.

“Whenever I quiet the persistent chatter of words within my head, I find this silent and wordless dance always already going on...” David Abram The Spell of the Sensuous

How can we be more imaginatively awake to our selves, our environment and to the needs of others? Through movement and stillness, through writing and play with materials we discover gestures, images and stories - a poetic language of metaphor that is unique and particular to our own experience. In exploring what we have made stories emerge that make visible a deeper sense of meaning and creative connection to our lives.
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